The Spa industry is nowadays one of the booming sectors in the world economy.  The combination of health benefits, relaxation and beauty provide a fantastic attraction for a huge target market.  A successful Spa can be a very profitable business if it is designed, equipped and operated correctly.  Your success in the spa industry will depend on the level of expertise available to your project.

Impophar is a highly qualified spa equipment supplier, who can guide you to develop an outstanding spa. We can develop you Concept from the beginning to the end. You will be supplied with the best professional spa equipment and assisted from the initial design to the on-going operations. Impophar consulting team (Spa Consultant, Architects, Steam and Sauna Consultant, Equipment Sales Manager, Fitness Sales Manager, Brands Manager, Trainer) will ensure your spa's future success.

At Impophar we pride ourselves with the excellent quality and performance of our products, together with our customer support and satisfaction before and after the sale. Building your new salon is a dream coming true, and creating a partnership between your company and Impophar is the answer to your dreams. You want the most out of your business venture, therefore, you need to know that your ideas will be materialised just as you had imagined.

Every great spa experience comes from the hands of a highly trained team supported by a spa equipment supplier who will provide you with holistic massage tables, massage chairs, as well as modern massage tables, massage chairs body wrap treatment supplies, heating units, facial tables, facial steamers, sterilizers, facial chairs, hot cabinets, skin care and micro dermabrasion type equipment.

Exclusive Brand is available for luxury Spas with high standards.
Using Nature's Intelligence to Nurture Your the brand has developed one of the few genuinely 100% natural skin care and spa therapy ranges in the world. Not tested on animals and free from chemicals, mineral oils and synthetic preservatives and fragrances, the Brand is considered the purest spa range in the world. Catering to both men and women, the products are highly beneficial for the skin, with anti-ageing, purifying, hydrating and balancing properties. Their absolute commitment to working in harmony with nature is reflected across all areas of the business. Product packaging is made from recyclable materials and printed with natural vegetable dyes. The brand has earned international success and recognition in the global spa industry. The range includes over 100 face, body and lifestyle products, available at exclusive luxury spas in over 20 countries worldwide.

For further information please contact, Katarina Hadjipetri.